SXSW is that magical time when 150,000 nationwide folks descend upon the city. The experiences are abundant, new friends are made, the opportunities are a plenty, the parties are free and the booze flows like the Colorado River.

An injection of creativity and boost to the economy, SXSW brings together talent, ideas and offers a buffet of experiences. Opportunity for adventure awaits at every turn and chance at a glance; the people watching is next level and you never know who you’re going to meet.

This year, I didn’t have credentials or RSVP to much. served as a day to day schedule and “going with the flow” was the preferred method. Also, I didn’t drink a drop of alcohol. Can’t say that for my hair or clothing, however. While it’s nearly impossible to remember what seems like 3 months worth of memories, I’ve listed the bands I saw along with urls to their music. All good stuff, explore and enjoy! If you feel inclined, leave your favorite SX moment or band in the comments below. Much gratitude to the bands who busted their butts running around venue to venue, loading and unloading days on end to make SXSW what it is. If you like what you hear, show your support and buy an album.

Digital memories to the tune of “Hands on the Controls” by Coachwhips.  

Coachwhips IIII

Protomartyr II

Coathangers II

Dead Ghosts II

Obnox II

Destruction Unit II

John Wesley Coleman III (twice)

Future Islands

Diarrhea Planet

White Mystery

The Blind Shake

Useless Eaters

A Giant Dog

Spray Paint


Flesh Lights

Dikes of Holland

The Crackpipes


Hundred Visions

The Golden Boys

Dinos Boys

Together Pangea


Church Shoes

The Hex Dispensers

Amplified Heat


Burnt Ones

Sweet Talk

Chad and the Meatbodies


Parquet Courts



Dune Rats

Mr. Elevator & the Brain Hotel

Unholy Two

Dum Dum Girls (one song w/ Debbie Harry)

3 Ball MTY

AJ Davila

Protex II

Warm Soda II

Big Tits

Sleigh Bells


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